Corporate Employee Wellness:


Employees are the most important attribute to a company’s success. By aiding longevity in the work environment, a NeurOptimal ® Trainer can help companies achieve new heights by rendering their best assets - their employees - at their best. Optimal high efficiency brains are the cornerstone to executive performance. Fighting off stress, thinking clearly, being productive and having clear focus is crucial for anyone on a team, especially CEOs, CFOs, and all other upper management employees. Without clarity at work, efficiency suffers and eventually is reflected in productivity levels as well as interactions between team members.

Are you looking to:

  • Maximize your staff’s daily focus, attention to detail, memory and increase their productivity?

  • Improve and build your team's moral?

  • Dissolve their work stress and feelings of being overwhelmed?

  • Create a more positive atmosphere for enhanced mood and reduce the feeling of irritability?

  • This non-invasive approach is most sought after as an alternative used to cope with the challenges of daily life

If you have 4+ staff you want to transform I will come to you, within the Region of Waterloo.


Package rates available.