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NeurOptimal®  Dynamical Neurofeedback® Scientific Research
on Cognition / Learning

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A Case Study For Using NeurOptimal® With Aphasia View

A Family Matter: NeurOptimal® for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Abstract View

A Systematic Review of the Safety and Effect of Neurofeedback on Fatigue and Cognition Abstract View

Assessment Protocol for Cognitive and Auditory Processing Skills for Clients Receiving Neurofeedback Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion: View

Brain Based Behavior Inventory (BBB-I) View

Effects of Neurocognitive Processing on Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders Abstract View

Evaluation of Neurofeedback Efficacy with Mentally Disordered Offenders (MDO) View

Exploring the effect of neurofeedback on postcancer cognitive impairment and fatigue: A pilot feasibility study View

Exploring the Use of Neurofeedback with an Adult Male with an Autistic Spectrum Condition and a History of Sexual Offending: A Single Case Study Abstract View

Improving Emotional Regulation Using NeurOptimal® Training for ASD Youth, View

NeuroCognitive Approaches to Brain Injury Independent Case Studies Focusing on the Cognitive Aspects of Remediation when Coupled with NeurOptimal® Abstract View

Neurofeedback as a form of cognitive rehabilitation therapy following stroke: A systematic review Abstract View

NeurOptimal® in Schools View

Origanum majorana Essential Oil Reduces VAS Score and Modulates Cerebral Activity during 10 NeurOptimal® Sessions in Patients Abstract View

School-Based SLPs & the Caseload vs Workload Debate: Identifying Current Barriers to Service Delivery & Considerations for Technology as a Facilitator Abstract View

The Effects of EEG Neurofeedback and Neuro-Cognitive Processing in the Educational Environment of an Arts-Based Private Elementary/Middle School Abstract View

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