Office Hours for October:

COVID-19 procedures in place

Office hours are slightly flexible


Mon Nov 3011:30AM-6:30PM


Tues Dec 01 & Thurs Dec 03: 11:30AM-6:30PM

Wed Dec 02: 11:00AM-7:00PM

Fri Dec 04: 8:00AM -6:00PM


Mon Dec 07: 11:30AM-6:30PM

Tues Dec 08: 11:30AM-6:30PM

Wed Dec 09: 12:00PM-7:00PM

Thurs Dec 10: 10:30AM-6:30PM 

Fri Dec 11: 8:00AM -6:00PM

Mon Dec 14: 11:30AM-6:30PM

Tues Dec 15 & Thurs Dec 17: 10:30AM-6:30PM

Wed Dec 16: 12:00PM-7:00PM

Fri Dec 18: 8:00AM -6:00PM

Mon Dec 21: 11:30AM-6:30PM

Tues Dec 22: 8:00AM -6:00PM  

Wed Dec 23: 11:00AM-7:00PM

Thurs Dec 24: 8:00AM -4:00PM

Mon Dec 28: 11:30AM-6:30PM

Tues Dec 29: 10:30AM-6:30PM

Wed Dec 30: 11:00AM-7:00PM

Thurs Dec 31: 8:00AM -4:00PM

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